High Valley Country Club


HELP! Volunteer Carpenters Needed! Please help for the safety and pleasure of our children. Contact Judy at HVCC 360-494–8432 or email or

High Valley Country Club is located in Packwood which is in Lewis County in Washington State.

We are surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, forests and rivers along with the wildlife that goes with them that makes are area unique and a destination in both summer and winter!


Did you know?

We are looking for a General Manager.

Do you have knowledge in basic construction, administration, or property management? Are you good with people and have you managed before. Do you know something about water, pools and general landscaping? How about 30 hours a week in a relaxed, quaint and scenic environment? Sound attractive? Then give us a call at (360) 494-8432.

Our Packwood Fire Department is looking for part time volunteer EMS personnel, Drivers and Firefighters. Training is provided and meet Tuesday evenings. For more details contact Lonnie 360-494-4123


to order your engraved brick at this link to create a walkway to honor family members both past and present.