High Valley Country Club


High Valley Country Club is located in Packwood which is in Lewis County in Washington State

We are surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, forests and rivers along with the wildlife that goes with them that makes are area unique and a destination in both summer and winter!

Our Playground


Thank You Members!

The first phase of the playground equipment is installed. As seen in the pictured it is larger, therefore we expanded the existing area, supplied & installed new wood edging, rerouted the sprinklers, installed landscape fabric and pea gravel.

And THANK YOU to those members who donated time and aching backs to shovel dirt and rake gravel. This equipment will meet the rugged demands of our weather and children for years. Phase two will begin this spring which includes a teeter totter, grasshopper, bee and frog spring toys. If you would like to contribute a few dollars it would be greatly appreciated. Please send to High Valley at PO Box 427, Packwood WA 98361.

THANK YOU for the wonderful and continued membership support!
You are the BEST!


The Electrical Upgrades & Recall Work n began as approved in the Budget at the Annual Meeting.
AGAIN, Thanks to you; we are beginning the HVAC work, remodel and stairway at the Pool/Admin building and Clubhouse. The work will take 5 to 6 weeks based on inspection time frames. We are working with Lewis County PUD and recently completed the underground electrical and elimination of leased lighting/poles which will be replaced with LED Lighting.


to order your engraved brick at this link to create a walkway to honor family members both past and present.