High Valley Country Club


High Valley Country Club is located in Packwood which is in Lewis County in Washington State

We are surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, forests and rivers along with the wildlife that goes with them that makes are area unique and a destination in both summer and winter!

The Electrical Upgrades & Recall Work Begins! We will begin working in the Pool/Admin building and advance to the Clubhouse. The work will take 3 to 4 weeks based on inspection time frames. The work entails replacing obsolete wiring, recalled panel boxes, and installing the necessary electrical to prevent brownouts or power disruptions due to our use and demands.

We did it!

The new playground is on it’s way! But, But, But we need a little more please and thank you with sugar on top!

Based on 100% member contributions, High Valley was able to purchase commercial grade play equipment, and will have it professionally installed mid-September.

Through member contributions and anonymous dollars and coins left in our jars, we not only met the $18,500.00 mark but we are potentially adding on a couple pieces for our small, younger children.

The new play equipment is larger, therefore we expanded the existing area, supplied & installed new edging, and soon will have the ground fabric and pea gravel in place after the equipment goes in. The equipment is secured in place by 17 concrete below grade footings in a use zone of 32 x 36 feet. The soil is covered with a commercial grade fabric which allows water to pass through then it is covered with a foot of pea gravel. This product meets state and federal safety and fall impact codes.

The new equipment is in neutral outdoor colors and comes with three slides, vertical and horizontal ladders, a pod climber, bongos, a ships wheel, a country store panel and tic tac toe game board. The pieces we are looking to add on are a spring frog, spring bee plus a teeter totter.

If you can find a way to share a few dollars it would be greatly appreciated. Please send to High Valley at PO Box 427, Packwood WA 98361.



to order your engraved brick at this link to create a walkway to honor family members both past and present.