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Everything in High Valley is tinder dry this year, and fire is, as always, a serious concern. Some of our members have reported that there are fireworks being shot off in the evenings. At our board meeting one of our members said that the State Fire Marshall’s office is the enforcing agency. HVCC contacted the State Fire Marshall and received the following email:

If you live in the unincorporated Lewis County, fireworks are not legal to sold or used until noon on June 28th. Any enforcement actions are at the local level. Until June 28th, all fireworks are illegal.
I would recommend calling the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office on a non-emergency number. If this a nightly issue, they may be able to have a deputy that can patrol the area.
If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Dan Johnson
Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal
Office of the State Fire Marshal
Licensing Section
POB 42642 Olympia WA 98504
Office (360) 596-3913     Cell (360) 789-1129

If any of our members see illegal activity occurring relating to fireworks, they need to call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office to report at 360-740-1105.

There are two open positions available on the Board of Trustees. Any member that is interested in filling on of these positions is asked to send a brief biography/resume to High Valley. It will be forwarded to the Board for consideration. Please send the information to or call (360) 494-8432 for more information.

We have posted the draft for proposed amendments of the Covenants for High Valley Country Club that is open for member comments. Please review the proposals at this link

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High Valley Country Club is located in Packwood which is in Lewis County in Washington State.

We are surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, forests and rivers along with the wildlife that goes with them that makes are area unique and a destination in both summer and winter!

Order your engraved brick at this link to create a walkway to honor family members both past and present.